Storage D

Storage D

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Author Deathdog & MaD jOn
Date of release Final - 2000
.bsp filename storaged


Its bright and hot.
Your squad arrives at the target destination.
The truck slides to a halt and your squad leader shouts over the radio.
"Listen up marines!
We have an attack by unknown forces in this sector.
This base is a weapon and equipment storage area so be on the look out for some new tools.
Those bastards may seem like they will come forever but if you can frag enough of their sorry asses then.
I think they may get the idea, otherwise we will pull out in 15 mins anyway.
Keep in squads of 2 or more and attack their flanks if you can.
You'll have to work together, remember your training.
If their is a high obstacle team up and lift a member over.
It could mean the difference between life and death.
Ok marines, unpack the equipment then move out!"

Gameplay Info
There is no health or batterys around this map.
You have to return to your truck to repair.
Their are two different colour trucks to allow players to tell each other where they are and 4 'ports' which mark specific places on the map.
Using these you can co-ordinate your efforts to score the 200 monster frags.
Players who team up and stand on each others heads can reach some good guns.
There is an EGON in there…..
One player can fuel up on ammo if he gets on top of the wooden boxes.
There is a sniper position but this requires a lot of work to get up to.
Any stack 2 crates (or more) high with no 1 crate high objects around it don't waste time trying to climb up.

First to 250 frags wins!

Additional info

Turn Word Wrap off to read this!

Title : Container Storage Day Time
Filename : Storage.BSP
Authors : Deathdog, MaD jOn
Address : moc.liamesuohgodeht|godhtaeD#moc.liamesuohgodeht|godhtaeD moc.liamesuohgodeht|rratS#moc.liamesuohgodeht|rratS
Description : A level full of cargo container crates!
Monsters spawn in certain places.
Special Thanks to : Rize for all the cargo crates.
Webpage : If someone would host it. I don't want
Other Work : OP4kit (prefabs) PCV charger (prefab) Storage

This is V1.5 of Storage. It is not meant to replace the original
storage but is there for people who prefer to be able to see what
they are shooting at.
The lighting has been redone and a number of object and texture
fixes have been added.


Play Information

Single Player : Well, you could but you wouldn't reach the best guns :)
Deathmatch : It would be no fun. What do you think Quake III is for?
Cooperative : Yes sirreee.
Difficulty Settings : Medium.
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : Yep. These are some OP4 ones.
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
No. of players : From 2-8. I would reccommend 6. For 8 you should put the difficult CFG up.
Monsters : Yes. They respawn after 5 secs.
Goal : Get 200 frags in 15 mins.

To change difficulty
If you want to change the difficulty then edit the CFG file.
Where it says: Skill2
Change the number to get the right difficulty.
(1=Easy, 2=Medium, 3=Hard)
Don't mess with other settings because it will spoil the gameplay.


Base : New level from imagination!
Editor used : Worldcraft v2.0
Known Bugs : You have to bait monsters out from their
holes to get them respawning. HEV chargers
looked out of place so I used PCV ones.
R_speeds high on top of crates.
Build Time : 4 days of hard work.
Compile Time : Short because I used a light_spot :)
Deathdog made : Structure, layout, items and design.
MaD jOn made : Respawners, R_speed reduction and testing.

Additional credits

Copyright and Permissions

Comments on this map? Mail me. But no junk please.

This level may be distributed via any medium (ie: Internet,
BBS, CD-ROM, compilation disk) as long as it maintains the
name STORAGE.BSP and is supplied in a zip file called STORAGE.ZIP
and that the files are not altered in any for.
It must also contain this text document and no other files.

If the level is to be included on a CD-ROM or other profit-
making medium, including but not limited to "Public Domain"
collections or archives, the publisher / manufacturer must
send me a copy of the product.

I reserve the right to refuse permission for this level to
be distributed via any CD-ROM or other profit-making medium.
(But if you ask first it might be considered on a magazine)

(c) Copyright 1998 Dave Starr



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