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Author Stixsmaster
Date of release March 19, 2009
.bsp filename stixsworld1_5


This map is a basic horde map…you and your team mates appear in a strange looking complex…and just start having to take on marines + all sorts of monsters in the Half-Life world…untill they all disappear…

There are 2 levels to the complex…the lower is the easier/medium difficulty type of enemies…the upper level is the harder enemies…yet the upper level also has the more powerful supplies of ammo and weapons for you…

The twist tho is…that to get the more powerful weapons and equipment at the top…you must go through a difficult jump puzzle…

Now you can decide to try and take the enemies up there out…and possibly make it easier to get to the better weaponry…or you can try to get to the stuff whilst under heavy artillery…


Additional info

BTW This is my first SC map…

Map is ment for 4 peeps tops…as that is all the spawns I made…

A sequel may possibly come out…(doesnt depend on reviews…depends on my life)

Expect updates with newer rounds to be provided…

This also is NOT the prequel to Stixsworld 2

Additional credits

Puchi for helping with setting up rounds
JPolito for more simpler things


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