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Author RNG
Date of release Not yet released
.bsp filename stitched


Your mission to find a moon that is supposedly like stitched together didn't obviously go as planned, as your spaceship soaked into infinite reboot sequence crashing down into another base in some other moon.

"Monochrome moon", as some dude randomly deciphered it and everyone else thought that the name was boring as fuck, but it was basically identical to earth's moon so everyone was confused of where the hell their corpses were gonna spend their next millenium, and where has their imagination gone into. Then you were like "holy shit" from the fact that air is breathable despite it smells like old socks, but that was probably because your nose was burned, and you noticed that a week later.

Not much of a surprise the whole base has gone utterly haywire and everyone is delusional and whole facility is oddly designed anyway, totally expecting your group of spacemarines wrecking the shit out of whatever asks or craves for it and saving the day?

Additional info

Walkthrough map with secrets and (despite black mesa look) no Xen stuff or anything to do with Half-Life storyline.

Additional credits

Streamfox - Additional mapping

KernCore - CS weapon script mod used as a base for custom guns



There are over 1034 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


2009 horde needs-dl size:small walkthrough zorak


2004 needs-dl walkthrough


2003 boss


defense horde needs-info size:medium

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