Stadium 2

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Author Sven Viking + Edited by WaRgAsMo
Date of release Final - December 16, 2000 (SC 1.9)
.bsp filename stadium2


Author's (WaRgAsMo) description:
The Stadium map allows you to spawn virtually any Half-Life creatures
and watch them kill each other (or stand there). You can help one side
by using the Gauss Gun, or by teleporting into the arena itself.
But please, dont be a pussy and sit out there all the time gaussing the
monsters. That is why i didnt put any extra gauss ammo in the map.

It's great in single-player, but you can also play co-operatively with
your friends. You could make bets on which monsters will survive, or
one could spawn monsters while the others are in the arena, or
whatever. The possibilities are endless, at least untill someone crashes
the game by abusing my generosity of the monsters. Hope the host doesnt
have a crappy computer!

Additional info

Stadium2 is based on an .rmf Sven Viking provided of stadium1.
Stadium-f, an edited version of Stadium2, was released by Sven Viking afterwards, featuring buttons for friendly monsters.

Additional credits

Sven Viking
Mad Jonesy
Keen (you didnt really help, i just thought i should mention you…)
Zoner's HL Tools



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