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Author A1win
Date of release Final - July 31, 2009
.bsp filename sc_snarks


Snarks is an arena map where your only objective is to survive as long as you can. Constant waves of snarks jumping down to the arena above the walls make sure you will need to keep moving all the time. Your only weapon is a shotgun, but don't rely on it too much — the snarks will die in ten seconds after they spawn anyway, and get just replaced by new ones. When you die, you spawn on the sky with a clear view down to see the remaining friends struggling for their lives. A digital clock will show you how long the team survived.

The map is quite simple, and could be improved a lot, but I don't really have time or interest to work on it any longer. It took a few days to put it together. If you feel like continuing my work with it, contact me and I'll provide you with the map source file.

If it's not obvious enough: push the red button to start a new round.

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