Snark Race

Snark Race

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Author CubicVirtuoso
Date of release Crash Fix - February 2, 2017
Beta 1 - April 16, 2008
.bsp filename snark_race_b1


A snark race in which players reach the finish by riding on top of snarks using Sven Co-op's monster riding feature. There's two race lanes and a single spectator lane between them. Winner receives recognition.

Additional info

  • Hint: Throw some snarks in front of you and jump on top of one before it gets away.
  • More puzzles, custom textures, and a storyline are planned.

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There are over 1034 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


2009 2010 2011 boms boss difficulty:hard ice losable maze official official-screlease random rescue secrets size:large snow svencoop4 svencoop5 timed


2016 fun func-vehicle rmf scary walkthrough work-in-progress


2008 2016 black-mesa boms boss defense losable music official size:large svencoop4 svencoop5 walkthrough


1999 rcbot war


2007 defense

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