Author Hellotimber
Date of release Final Jan 26, 2017
.bsp filename sc_hns_smalltown


This is a PVP map. This is a HNS style map. Players just have crowbars… unlimited crowbars. That means when throwing out a crowbar, you will get a new crowbar at once. Players will be killed by crowbars in one hit, whether hit or throw.

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Maybe many people like this map, many times the server changes to this map, the server always be filled of players. I never seen this situation in other maps.
In this map, combat will intenser than "Block Buildings", because of smaller map and reasonable structure.
And an important thing, this map is not completely made by me! This is my first HNS map for Sven Co-op, but it is transplanted from a Counter-Strike 1.6 map, I looked this map in the game, then collated it and made map in hammer. At first I just play this map between my friends, but after we set up a public server, we added this map into the server, it really fun! I can't find the original author, so I describe here.
I added some entities into the map,that players can get unlimited crowbars, can spawn at reasonable structure, and can kill other mutually.
I really like this map, it is really fun.

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2017 conversion fun jumping pvp size:small

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