Skyscraper for Sven Co-op

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Author Guy Matthew Babin
Date of release Final - October 22, 2017
.bsp filename qe_house, qe_sky1, qe_sky2, qe_sky3, qe_sky4


Detailed construction of a possible skyscraper.

Mission: Search for security keys to progress further and destroy the Big Momma

Additional info

This is conversion from an old Quake 2 map pack by the same author (original release 2003)

Additional credits

I credit the late Terror Quake 2 modification for the most wonderful and useful textures. Great job, guys, whoever you are…
I would also like to credit Q2Workshop and others for providing tutorials for qED. Thanks. They were very helpful.
I contributed many thanks to the maker(s) of a great game, POKE 646.
I would personally like also to thank Ikka "Fingers" Keranen for responding a simple e-mail, regarding Quake 2 editing. Although, he couldn't remember the exact procedure but his "clues" gave me the answer. Thanks, Ikka, for responding.



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