Author Pinapoke
Date of release Final - 14.11.2004
.bsp filename skylined


Welcome to New York, men. You've been called
in to find a team we lost a few days ago.

They drove their vehicle to the garage of their
target destination, and wasn't heard from after
that. You must find the team, and bring them
back to head quarters for de-briefing. You'll be
picked up at the roof of the structure.

Keep in mind the previous actions of the militia
in the building and their in-humane ways. They will
do everything it takes to try and stop you. As
such, you must eliminate each of them in your
area before moving on for your own safety. Leave
no wounded, take no prisoners.

You're supplied with our standards, but we've
decided you may need some more things. You've
been given medical kits, and alien devices that
we have deemed useful. In the past your team has
somehow posed the need for a wrench, so you have
a few of those too.

Additional info

Silenced glock by Valve, modified by Pinapoke.
Shotgun replacement by Quad, using a modified skin by Gearbox
Sniper Rifle replacement by Black Panther, hands and hand animation by Felix. Hands placed on the gun itself by Jstanf35
Sentry Replacement by Valve, modified by Quad and Pinapoke
Various models from Opposing Force or PS2 Half Life or something.
The original building you play in was made by Lee with heavy modifications by Pinapoke.
Really recommended you don't change anything.

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2004 city size:medium walkthrough

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