ShockRaid Jungle

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Author GreenTea
Date of release February 10, 2017
.bsp filename ShockRaid_Jungle


This is my first time to add a map on SCmapdb ╮(▔▽▔)╭.
ShockRaid_Jungle is an short assault mission.

mission info is simple
Our advance team was recovered an enemy SpyDrone,But they were besieged by enemyforce.
Your team need to go deep into the jungle,find your allys and take the SpyDrone back.

-Recommended for 10-16 players to playing this map. (2-3players will difficult to play)
-Do not waste ammunition and heavyweapons ,most of them will not respawn again.
-You's better let your teammates to pick up M249、RPG or rifles, to making more better battle efficiency.
-Tank、APC can only be damaged by explosives.
-When you find the SpyDrone then fall back,The enemyforce's defense and attack will become stronger.
-(why cant save your allys at camp? allright, they have other work to do :P )

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