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Author SharkMan
Date of release Final - January 9, 2004
.bsp filename sexr


A rats party/lounge map built as a replica of SharkMan's bedroom. Ride in the toy car, on the rocket ship, or swim in the fish tank—there's plenty to do.


  • You can just mess around.
  • Under the dresser is where the first "mission" starts.
  • The ladders are invisible. There are some on the bed and other places.
  • The npcs are meant to be done with how you like. The scientists give you points when you kill them cause they are evil!

Additional info

  • The map gets its name from the first letter of SharkMan plus the initials of his name, Ethan Xavier Radg, hence SEXR.
  • Good map for HookMod.
  • Bug: The turret lags a lot, so be cautious or it could cause a crash.

Additional credits

Arachnid_X - (models)
Bebop - (models)
Hezus - (inspiration)
Turrican - (models)
Wiene - (models)
everyone in the #svencoop irc channel


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