Sewer Systematic: Toxicidia Sektor 516

Sewer Systematic: Toxicidia Sektor 516

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Author RNG
Date of release Final - September 2007
v1 - June 2007
.bsp filename sewer_systematic_f1, sewer_systematic_f2, sewer_systematic_f3



Extrsurreal Hyperpolis, Phobos
Econopolis owned by other extraterrestrial species.

You are to investigate anomalous Sewer Control Sector 516, which has been excluded due to extreme contamination Malignification with Multiradiation-waste leak 10 years ago and now its totally unknown. Sewer Control Sector 516 was highly populated with Xen, and you have no sense what kind of funny place it is now.

The reason why you were transported in this desolate Sector is that once again Barnabus legion captured Scientists and they're held captive somewhere deep inside.

Somehow find these Scientists alive or if they've undergone full zombification, just kill them.

Additional info

  • At least 2 players are required to play.

Additional credits

Rngatdzs - (testing)
Robootto - (testing)
Poka - (testing)



There are over 1117 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


3.4 / 5

2017 boss difficulty:medium fun horde


4.3 / 5

2007 size:large walkthrough


4.4 / 5

2017 arena boss losable size:small


3 / 5

2016 abandoned needs-dl skills


0 / 5

2009 fun needs-dl puzzle

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