Septic Morass

Septic Morass

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Author RNG
Date of release Demo - April 13th, 2008
.bsp filename septic_morass_demo, septic_morass, septic_morass2, septic_morass3, septic_morass4, septic_morass5, septic_morass6


Alien Scifi/Horror type map where you are sent to secret Barnabus base in Titan, to rescue a mutated Vortigaunt before being used to nuclear research. But the base has already been almost devastated by mysterious nuclear genemutated Cyanobacterical moss.

The whole map itself is in development but a demo version of the first part has been released.

Parts of the map:

Part. 1: Spawn of Excrteknoloko.

Part. 2: Cyanogeneindustrial.

Part. 3: Cyanogeneindustrial Part II.

Part. 4: Incubation City.

Part. 5: Infester Hydramanti

Part. 6: Nuklear Cyanogene: The Corrose

Additional info

  • The map episode will have 9 songs along with other sounds
  • 2 last parts are remakes of separate maps which never got finished
  • This map is very gory

Additional credits

Robootto - Testing
Poka - Testing
Colt Commando[Fin] - Testing



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