SecretCity 5

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Author Turrican
Date of release Beta - Some time in 2007
.bsp filename secretcity5beta


You appear in a building in an oddly angular city. What badly executed secrets can you discover here?

Tip: go down the stairs

Additional info

  • This map, like most other Secret City maps, incomplete due to an engine limitation. You will find yourself taken on top of a building with a vent entrance after the final credits room — that's the one with the pictures, not the one in the small black room.
  • If you find yourself in a small icy area with a Turrican door, you're at the end of a puzzle chain and must kill yourself to continue from the start. If you have not found all the super duper secrets by this point, you need to look harder.
  • Preceded by SecretCity 4. Followed by SecretCity 6??
  • This map has many more secret places and triggers than previous secret city maps. You really need to look hard to find them all!
  • All of the 'Super Secret Tiggers' must be found to unlock the door to the city, although you don't need it as you can leave via a side exit.
  • Finding all 'Super Duper Secret Tiggers' will activate a bonus area!

Additional credits

Slidje and me - (New Textures)
TSlidje, Kain-Wolf, Keen, BurnOut64(Xirex) for helping with the map
Slidje, Keen, Pickle Head, Lurid, Saff, Dredfurst, Amnizu, Fanerfaust, Wrim, Wolf-Kain, CkDead, Incy247, Beast, Cozmicshredder, Qualjyn, TransparenT, Xirex, 60 Meg File, Freakingueo, Evil Penta Penguin, Dizney, Nomble, The Real Game, and Sharkman — Thanks to (credits texture)




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