SecretCity 4

SecretCity 4

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Author Turrican
Date of release Beta - January 3, 2006
.bsp filename secretcity4beta


After the heavily goal-oriented SecretCity 3, Turrican returned to a style which is more like a combination of the first two maps in the series. At first glance it may seem as if you are locked inside a small area of a building with very little to do, but a closer inspection will begin to reveal secrets everywhere, some just holes to hide in, others allow you to open new areas of the map.

Additional info

  • Turrican cannot add any more to this map because it has hit the entity limit. As with SecretCity 3, this resulted in a black wall at the end of the map.
  • Preceded by SecretCity 3. Followed by SecretCity 5.
  • All of the 'Secret Tiggers' must be found to unlock the rest of the map.
  • Finding all 'Super Secret Tiggers' will activate a bonus area.

Additional credits

Slidje - (New Textures)



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