Secretcity 2

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Author Turrican
Date of release Final - August 23, 2004
.bsp filename secretcity2


If you played the first SecretCity, you should know what this is like. It's a fun map where players can just explore the map, complete puzzles, and find secrets. Contains a lot more secrets and puzzles, and is much bigger in comparison to the first SecretCity.

Additional info

  • Turrican reached the entity limit and can not add anything more to the map.
  • Contains no real ending, but there's plenty of secrets and puzzles to keep players occupied.
  • Preceded by SecretCity, but does not continue where it left off. Followed by SecretCity 3.

Additional credits

Slidje - (ideas, support, server hosting, etc.)
Burnout64 - (ideas, map compiling, etc.)
Beastate - (saved the original SecretCity from being lost forever)

See the included secretcity2.txt for more detailed credits.



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