Secret World

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Author AmIAnnoyingNow
Date of release Final - December 8, 2005
.bsp filename secretworld


  • A walkthrough map with secrets hidden everywhere imaginable. How many can you find?

Additional info

  • This map has 40 secrets to find total.
  • It is possible to complete the map without finding the secrets, but finding secrets will allow you to obtain better weapons.
  • At the end of the map, there is a counter displaying how many secrets you have found, and you are given a reward or punishment based on how many you have found.

Additional credits

  • Dragon Model (reskinned): Originally from old version of Wizard Wars, reskinned by AmIAnnoyingNow
  • Sword Model: Nathaniel Miller AKA NIPPER
  • Special thanks to everyone in #mapping on Gamesurge and the Cafe of Rabid Snarks.

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