Secret Lounge 2016

Secret Lounge 2016

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Author boxes, softdrink
Date of release b7 - 3/5/17
.bsp filename secretlounge2016b7


This map is meant for messing about and spamming the E key on walls. There's triggers everywhere, and tiny things to notice. If you're in a room, there's a very good chance there's something in there with you. Most puzzles can be completed with a minimum of two people. To get to the main hub loop, press E on the black guy's forehead. That's the only hint you'll get from me.

The only way to 'officially' win the map is by finding all the 'Small Secret Triggers', which will break open the wall in the hub loop, however this requires you to get to each room, and even then there will still be things to find.

Additional info

I originally made this near the end of the year of 2016, but I forgot it existed for a while and took my sweet ass time releasing it. But, here it is.

Known bugs: None, all of them have been fixed in the b7 version AFAIK.

Additional credits

Aurora - (wads)
Puchi - (wads)
Gins - (models)
The303 - (models)
Valve - (base assets, spooky skeleton model)
Royal-Soldier - (prefabs)

Special Thanks: Raltz, Howl, Grusza, rurukaulitz, igni, Codeman, Aperture

Update 3/5/17

- added the map file itself to be in the .res to fix a server load/upload/download error
- fixed the trigger breaking, allowing it to be spammed to complete the map early
- start the b7 iteration of the map, i recommend deleting all older versions to avoid conflict with the above bugs.

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