Secret Hunt 1

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Author AmIAnnoyingNow
Date of release Final - March 23, 2005
.bsp filename secrethunt1


  • This is a quick map where you have to find all the "secret boxes" in all the areas.
  • There are 60 secrets in all, 10 in each area. 24 easy, 18 medium, 12 hard, 6 leet, leet being the hardest to find.
  • There are 10 secrets in each of the 6 areas.
  • Winning the map is possible with one player.

Additional info

  • This is just a fun map, so there is not much detail, but it should keep you entertained for a while.
  • Don't try stacking to cheat to a box, most of them have invisible walls to stop this.
  • Followed by Secret Hunt 2.

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