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Author Zorbos
Date of release Version 2 - 22 April, 2007
.bsp filename scskillz2_v2


  • SCSkillz2 - Sven Co-Op Skill Course the 2nd *

Version 2.0

Map made by Volcom82
Visit for more of my maps.
Location: Somewhere in Black Mesa

The Objective:
Race the other team to the finish and win by completing all of the given obstacles before they do.


Crossbow Jumping: Crouch down, then JUMP and SHOOT the ground at the SAME TIME.

Running Crossbow jump: Same thing as a regular xbow jump, except just duck at the end of your run and JUMP and SHOOT the ground.

RPG Jump: Same thing as the x-bow jump, except that you need to have some armor. TWENTY FIVE ARMOR!! THATS ONE BATTERY ON A NORMAL SERVER.
The battery prevents you from dying from the RPG's splash damage.
After getting the battery, just crouch, then shoot and jump like normal.

Grenade Jump: You can either throw the grenade on the floor and jump when it explodes,
OR you can "cook" the grenade for about 3-4 seconds, then jump and let go of the grenade.
You should be able to clear a great distance using this method.

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Note: The map is meant to have 2 people on each team, to balance out the game.

How to start out:

Pick a side, either Blue or Red and go into your teleport room.
You and someone on the opposite team need to press the buttons on the computer simoutaneously to start the teleportation sequence.
If done right, a portal will open after 1 minute.
After a team wins the round, the teleport chamber will reset, and you will need to do this again to start the next round.

Good Luck and God Speed!

  • (c) Volcom82 2007 *

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Additional credits

Lockdown - Beta Tester, made the terrain on Jump 3
{Ls} Kami - Beta Tester, for being such a great friend
Overkill - 1337
Monkey Squad - 1337
Hux!!! - For helping me figure out how to prevent suicides



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