PVP Dust2 RealDMG

PVP Dust2 RealDMG

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Author Hellotimber
Date of release Final - November 03, 2017
.bsp filename sc_pvp_realDMG_dust2gai


Map modified by de_dust2. This is a PVP map for Sven Co-op. It uses real damage skill(maybe 1-2 shoot can kill player),You can choose your primary weapon, secondly weapon in spawn area.

Additional info

This is a REAL DAMAGE PVP map

Additional credits



Change texture,only Half-Life's.
Change style of map' looks like,it's a small town at dusk.
Add more road in the map.
Delete M249,because it is not balance,it's unfair.
Set M16 to instead M249.
Add some secret weapons,and it will not influence the balance of playing.
Fixed some bugs,such as players can't get more weapons in spawn area in the same time now,there's no place can stuck player now.
Add some settings in the CFG file,to change server's net situation that can make judgement more exact.I means,bullets can hit player where you aim,not like original's,hardly hit players.(I don't know how to express that,in a word,I changed something about TICK)

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