Save Sven

Save Sven

Author Hezus
Date of release v. 2016 - July 27, 2016
Final - July 25, 2001
.bsp filename savesven, savesven2, savesven3, savesven4


My second map. The maps are based on a team of Sven Co-op players that must save Sven Viking (The maker of Sven Co-op) Sven has been captured by the evil G-man. The team breaks into the complex and then see Sven being taken away by aliens before you can rescue him. In the 2nd map you infiltrate the alien ship and then into a 2nd g-man outpost. I learned allot of the comments I got on Bridge so I used them in this 3 map-series.

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************** Story to map Save Sven Viking ************************

After a long night Sven returns to his office, finishing his new version of SvenCoop,
when he sit down on his black chair, 3 grunts force his door and storm his office.
Sven picks up his shotgun and shoots the Squadleader in his head. The 2nd grunt tries to
get Sven but Sven shoots him his leg off so he flies out the door. When Sven looks behind him,
he sees a big foot (KICK) right in his face. When he wakes up he found himself in a prison 
with THE EVIL G-MAN (scary sound!).
-"Well, It`s looks ehh..(always making that noise) our guest woke up.." said 
  THE EVIL G-MAN (another scary sound!)
-"What do you want from me ? said Sven.
-"I noticed ehh.. SvenCoop is the best HL mod there is, so you ehh.. must be very 
  intelligent, ehh.. So I want your BRAIN (very scary sound!).
-"Yesss, ehh.. braintransplantation is a new technology, we need it to ehh.. test first.
-"Test ?"
-"Yess, some guy named ehh.. what was his name again ?"
-"Sir, Freeman Sir!" said the grunt with one leg.
-"ehh.. yess. Gordon Freeman..I remember. We didn`t need him after all.. I remember much
  about him... ehh. When he was still in that... 
- (Sven interrupting) "I was thinking this story was about me !?"
-"ehh.. yesss Mr Viking. You still have ehh.. 4 hours left, use them wise.."

The G-man leaves, and you are in prison with 2 guards. How to get out ? Very sneaky you
steal the guards radio, and send a message to the SvenCoop HQ. 

At the SCHQ.

Announcement systems boring voice : " Attention all players. Report to briefing NOW ! "

After a while everybody is in the briefing room listening to Mr. Sniper. 

Sniper : "We got a message for 10 minutes ago.
Otis   : "Did the new Donuts arrive ?
Sniper : "Do NOT panic everybody ! Sven has been kidnapped !


Hezus  : Sniper, you didn`t tell us everything did you ???!!
Sniper : You are right there is a 2nd thing....
Hezus  : I knew it, TELL US !
Sniper : Well,.yes.. there is no more coffee left..


Sniper : Silence ! Sit down everybody. We must save Sven.
Sniper : Ok, ok, he will !
Hezus  : What are we waiting for ? Let`s go trough the teleporter !

After a while all players are spawned outside the building
where Sven is inprisoned. Everybody is holding their 9mmAR MP4,
shotguns and crowbars.

Hezus : Ok guys, let`s kick some G-mans ass !

******************** TO BE ENDED *************************

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2001 black-mesa needs-dl size:large walkthrough

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