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Author w00tguy123
Date of release Beta - June 6, 2018
.bsp filename rust_island_b5


A clone of Rust. Build bases, play guitar, and fight aliens (or players).

This is loosely based on the gameplay of Rust from last summer - before blueprints, decay, boats and all that.

Additional info

When the map first starts, it'll take a minute or two for the node graph to generate (it's huge).

The day-night cycle isn't implemented due to this bug feature in sven:
Distant objects not rendering

Anyone who tested this map should reinstall from here because some assets were updated. Otherwise, the HUD and some models will be glitchy.

Additional credits

  • Syringe from Cry of Fear
      • Model & animations: Sporkeh
      • Sven Hands Rig, Remappable Hands, Compile: D.N.I.O. 071
  • Most textures and sounds from Rust
  • Some textures from Zelda OOT (ladder and some wood textures)
  • Fuel can from afrikakorps
  • Blue barrel from doomfest(?)
  • Most other models are royalty free stuff from random sites. You can probably guess which ones I made/animated…


June 16, 2018

  • Fixed hammer becoming unusable after destroying a part

June 15, 2018

  • Possibly fixed random crashes when building
  • Fixed water not feeling like water (no fog, no sound effects, and glitchy movement)
  • Fixed co-op exploit (climb over mountain + build in another zone = ez win)
  • Fixed vote system choosing option with least votes sometimes + minor vote chat bugs
  • Fixed item spam caused by leaving/crashing players
  • Fixed inconsistent textures on wood floors
  • Fixed fused part health sometimes changing when rotated with hammer
  • Downgrading parts with the hammer no longer allowed (so raiders can't easily wipe you in PvP)
  • Increased node spawn rate in co-op mode
  • Removed sound echo from outdoor areas
  • Added new guitar songs: Zelda II Palace + Together We Ride

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