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Author RNG, Streamfox
Date of release Demo - December 26, 2010
.bsp filename Ruoste_demo, Ruoste, Ruoste2, Ruoste3



Parts II & III: Laboratorical Storage Sections

Mars, 2045

In the modern laboratory complexes near Cydonia, lies a mystical base
which had cut itself from rest of the scientific research laboratories long ago.
Many people think the specific lab sektor was invaded by unknown force, and
the whole complex being turned into militarizing and altering local wildlife.
Some beliefs lean towards even altering captured science team.

Your agent team enters the complex to investigate and neutralize the threat
which exists in this lab sektor. Armed only with special Gauss magnum.

Additional info

-Map demo is a part2 made into standalone version and doesnt contain parts by Streamfox, also it lacks half the puzzles.

-Map mostly uses remixed sounds from Alien Swarm

-Ruoste means rust in finnish

Additional credits

Alien Swarm team, Valve - Most original sounds



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