Run For Freedom

Run For Freedom

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Author Highlander, Yossi Kohen, FuZZy1
Date of release ALPHA 1 - September 1, 2016
.bsp filename runforfreedom_alpha1

This is a parkour map which includes several finished maps from relative games. Main goal is finishing (rushing) it quickly.
Recommended player count: 6-8

NOTE: Several textures are missing because of the latest update (They hunger edition). These will be fixed after next update (If it comes out :) )


At first stage, there is a funny warm up. After that, you need to use your parkour skills (bunnyhop, longjump …) or you need your friends help (bugging, making human columns). Since this map created for rewarding the one who finished first, there is no meaning to help your friends as this is a rather competitive map. But you still need to co-operate because if you don't you probably won't be able to pass the first stage (You need some free space to gain speed.) because of collisions.

0 - Funny(?) warm-up
1 - Bunny hop stage
2 - Detailed movement stage
3 - Goldsource water stage
4 - Surf & Detailed movement stage
5 - Classic KZ from cs 1.6 #1
6 - Classic KZ from cs 1.6 #2
7 - Finish

Additional info

All things were created solely for fun. There is no offense.
This map is not a product of commercial process.

Additional credits

Highlander => Got the base map from one of his tutorials. He has good tutorials at, check it out!
FuZzy1 {moc.liamg|yzzufraik#moc.liamg|yzzufraik} => Legendary cs 1.6 kz map maker. He is good at making kz maps.
OLAF => Some model
=> Textures, … [If you don't want to see your materials in this map, please contact me and I will remove them immediately.]
Yossi Kohen => Idea



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