Rooftop Warfare (Remake)

Rooftop Warfare (Remake)

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Author Ryan Lombardi
Date of release Final - January 2, 2003
.bsp filename rooftopwar


Plot: You and your team are stuck on top of a commercial building. You must work your way through the building and to the Xen spiral. Your opposition will include assassins, grunts, controllers, alien grunts, alien slaves, sentry turrets, snarks, headcrabs, and various challenges/traps. ;)

Additional info

Sidenote: This map was inspired by the map Rooftop Warfare (Original) by Brian 'Buddy' Mayberry (moc.tiabgarf|yddub#moc.tiabgarf|yddub) whose site and mailing adresss are dead (which prevented any contact between us). This map has been rebuilt from the ground up (literally).

Additional credits

Map design/Ideas/Slave labor : Ryan 'Distrophy' Lombardi

Playtesting/Inspiration/Ideas : TheBeast

Env/building textures : Wadfather
Locknut (ten.epacsten|tunkcoL#ten.epacsten|tunkcoL)



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