Roof Top Warfare

Roof Top Warfare

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Author Brian Mayberry
Date of release 27 March 2000
.bsp filename rooftwar


Map Type: Walkthrough

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Title : Roof-Top War-Fare
Filename : rooftwar.bsp
Game : Sven Co-op Half-Life
Author : Brian 'Buddy' Mayberry
Email Address : moc.tiabgarf|yddub#moc.tiabgarf|yddub
Web Address :
Description : Roof-Top War-Fare, need I say more?

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This is a port from my award winning mappak Pillars of Pain: A Buddy and Kona Saga, though this is just the first level of our pak, it is by far the most suited for Sven-Coop, in fact Sven-Coop was what I had in mind when I first made the pak. But at the time I had no lan =( so I decided that I could still play Coop in a DM style level if it was SP with barneys! Now that I have a lan and PoPBaks has died-down, I've decided to re-do it for Sven-Coop, largely thanks to Deathdog for the "I played your level, I saw it on PC Gamer's Best-of-Cd, it rocks, ect… ect… I make Sven-Coop maps…" and the rest is history. =)
Brian Mayberry Copyright 2000 Dead on Que Productions. All rights reserved.

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Map Title: Rooftop Warfare
BSP Name: rooftwar (27/03/00)
Archive Name: sc_rooftwar.7z
Additional Textures: budwadsc.wad

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