Richard Boderman

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Richard Boderman tt_official.png tt_boms.png

Author Aurora, JPolito, Puchi, hydeph
Date of release v1.2 - December 24, 2008 (SC 4.0B)
v1.1 - July 20, 2006
v1.0 - April 1, 2006
.bsp filename richard_boderman


This map is based on the April Fools prank that occurred in 2005, where Richard Boderman took over Svencoop. It was first made by Aurora on April 1st 2005, then given to hydeph who did not succeed in finishing the map, then given to JPolito to finish. During the time it took to release, it was given to Puchi to fix several strange errors and problems.

This map should have been released around April 1st, 2006, however Aurora and JPolito decided to make massive changes to the map, which ended with a much better looking and a much better running finished product.

The goal of the map is for the players to defeat the army of Richard Boderman. The army consists of members who were active during the time of the Svencoop takeover. The players are given allies to help them fight, however, the allies definitely can not fight off the overwhelming strength of the Boderman army on their own.

The players will have to raid two caverns in the center rock formation where major members and developers of Svencoop are being held captive. These members can be freed in order to help fight the Boderman army.

There is also a radio-controlled huey helicopter which may circle the cliffsides. It is landed at a red target at the bottom of one side of the pit. To activate it, press the red button on the timer across from the landing pad. Players may use a combination of the minigun which respawns nearby and their own weapons to help obliterate the enemy soldiers on the inner and outer cliffsides.

In order to activate the final boss sequence, the players must defeat 270 monsters. This usually takes around fifteen minutes.

Defeat the army of Richard Boderman and take back SvenCoop!

Additional info

  • SC5.0 all issues seem to be eliminated, except for one that persists. The SFX for the huey helicopter's rotors plays once instead of looping. This cannot be fixed through ripent due to the sound being directly embedded into the map or so it seems.
  • The map currently produces lag which can be eliminated by killing off some of the excess monsters while playing. This lag is fixed in Sven Co-op 4.0B.
  • The end boss has been changed for Sven Co-op 4.0B.

Additional credits



Added an alternate version at the downloads section (ripented by Garompa). This version makes the following changes:

  • Its a ripent, so its compatible with the original version (no version mismatches)
  • Gives each community member a unique model based on their avatars, name and/or request. This also changes the npcs drastically, giving them different abilities, speeds, custom sounds, etc, based on their new monster_ entity
  • Fixes some issues with the wagner music by making use of the new ambient_music entity
  • Gave a bit more health to melee npcs to make them more challenging
  • Gave more health to Sven Viking and Sniper
  • Updated the nicknames on some npcs while keeping the old names as well for easy recognition. For example: "Aurora (JJ45)"
  • All npcs were community members except one random grunt running around. Replaced him with "Omega", the new old dev member, by request
  • Small edit to Richard Boderman's ID. Now it properly says "Boderman" with his avatar
  • Turned the two super robo grunts from babygargs to gargs
  • Added a final boss music
  • Added Richard Boderman taunting the players through ambient speakers during the map's playthrough (oooh immersion)
  • Changed game_text messages into objectives given by the "Sven Coop HQ" (more immersion ooh), and made them less intrusive (no more centered screen text)


2006 april-fools boms boss difficulty:hard horde official rcbot secrets size:small svencoop4

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