Residual Point





Residual Point

Author toxagen
Mod Released 2007
Ported By Mikk & Gaftherman
Date of release 12/9/2021
.bsp filename rp_c00 and 46 more


This is a mod made by a Korean mapper. The read me is almost empty.
Residual Point is a SinglePlayer mod for Half-Life that expands the enemies and player arsenal like Opposing force does. on this mod you can find an old acquaintances like pit drones, zombie soldiers, clean suit scientists. but this mod has some new enemies like the xenocrabs. zombies grunt. also an addition was the new "monster_alien_worker" that we replaced them with a weak version of alien tor.

Additional info

This campaign include some Toggle scripts. like survival-mode. and npcs spawns. to enable those go to the main mapscript scripts/maps/ then see lines
bool blSpawnNpcRequired = false;
true = spawn npcs required for the map instead of restart the map NOTE: if enabled. archievemets will be disabled.
bool bSurvivalEnabled = true;
true = survival mode enabled NOTE: if disabled. archievemets will be disabled
if you are using DynamicDifficulty. you could ripent the maps changing the keyvalue "$i_dyndiff_skip" for your own keyvalue. this will prevent monster_alien_tor (alien worker) from being too strong (hp)

you can complete the archievemets to unlock some things on the lobby. see full archievemet list here


  • Make sure to install the .SAVE and the .DAT Files into svencoop/ otherwise they will not work in any sense. also if you installed a previus versions of this mod. delete the .dat files that are on "svencoop_addon/scripts/maps/store/rp_*"
  • you could use any of the scripts released for this campaign but at least credit the people who did it.

Special Thanks to

BlueSparks helped me a lot with entities.
noi For testing and reporting lot of bugs! Also screenshots

Additional credits

BlueSparks Mapping Support
Gaftherman Scripting
Mikk Mapping
noi Testing
W00tGuy BSP Edit tool
Outerbeast Teleport_zone script
Rick Trigger_teleport_mp
Cubemath item_airbubbletank script
Kezaeiv boss adjust
Bunnt14 Lobby signs



2007 achievements anti-rush black-mesa classic-mode conversion hardcore size:large survival walkthrough

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