Disintegration of Time

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Author RNG
Date of release TBA 2018
.bsp filename dis_v1, dis_b_v1


Original concept of the map is based on remaking single areas out of old, or otherwise obscure maps, from just couple of screenshots while playing the game.
Later versions have started to mix up tuned up older 'remake' areas, and unreleased mapping of RNG otherwise.


Presence of time has diminished in this certain part of the world.
History and future have fused together, obliterating existence and knowledge of present time.
Ancient and modern technology and architecture stack upon eachother.
Generations begin to co-exist simultaneously.

When it comes to you, its hard to be a scavenger for goods in this confusing ridiculous environment.
However out of odd coincidence, you accompany the most unlikely and ludicrous dream-team from different timelines to wreck shit.

You begin to notice that some type of interdimensional breach has occurred aswell.
Familiar creatures, and vengeful enemies have started to show around, only this time more stronger and lustier.

Additional info

  • Gameplay is similar to IO, and Deluge
  • Designed for 1-4 players, but will include a gamemode which is activated in the startroom, that modifies the map to handle a bigger crowd.
  • Includes new playermodel pack
  • Originally called Remake

Additional credits

All mappers of the original areas which are referenced, are gonna be credited in the map itself in multiple special ways

w00tguy - weapon_custom script (awesome)

Testing: Streamfox, MirroR, Zode, Colt, Sence

Full credits TBA



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