Redemption Project

Redemption Project

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Author Hatred
Date of release 8 September 2002
.bsp filename redemption redemptionalpha redempdelta


Redemption (The full story):
In the year 2020 (shortly after the Black Mesa disaster) Gorden Freeman was 'added' to a special ops force known as Redemption. This team has only one sole mission, to seek out and destroy Mr.Black Stone (AkA:G-Man) and eradicate all members of the under ground organization Black
Spear. G-man's secret army of the apocolypse. In part one you were hot on Stone's trail only to follow him through a highly unstable warp. When you got to the other side all your weapon except for a pistol and yoru trusty crowbar where destroyed (unexpected huh?) Lucky you it seems you were transported into yet another of Stone's secret bases and by chance a weapons hold may be near your entry point. The portal though had it's 'problems' such as the portal closed after going through and has begun to destroy the base that your in. The power is fading and emergency power is mostly useless if not totally. You must follow him, this is a one way trip team but if you can destroy the Black Speak and kill Black Stone it will all be worth it. Good luck and god speed.

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Includes Source Files
Map Type: Walkthrough
Map Author: Hatred

Authors Comments
Redemption-Project Alpha
This is part 2 (hopefully better than the first) of my Redemption Series.
Mission 3-Redemption Delta

BSP Names:
redemption (30/06/02)
redemptionalpha (18/08/02)
redempdelta (08/09/02)
Filename: redemp_all.7z
Additional Textures: none

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