Red Fang

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Author Onox792
Date of release November 21, 2017
.bsp filename sc_redfang, sc_redfang2


A mysterious government agent called Silver Smith has stolen a valuable crystal from a remote area of Black Mesa for unknown purposes and it is believed that he has hidden in Xen.
Now you and your squad must get back that crystal, there is a lot of alien activity in the many areas of Black Mesa, so be careful. The portal through Xen must be near where your team has landed…

Additional info

· 3-6 players recommended
· There are hidden areas with weapons or additional ammo, look for them!
· You need Opposing Force installed so that my maps work

Additional credits

Special thanks to Ainaryu for testing the maps and Hezus for some of his prefabs



There are over 1111 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


1 / 5

2012 class-based co-oprequired defense needs-info


0 / 5

2010 defense losable scary size:small zombies


0 / 5

2003 fireworks fun needs-dl


1.7 / 5

2016 defense horde walkthrough work-in-progress zombies


0 / 5

2004 horde needs-dl

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