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Author butcher
Date of release v4 - January 26, 2012
.bsp filename sc_ratmaze_v4


Work as a Team to find the way out from this Maze

Recommended: 3-5 Players
Single Player: Could be a little frustating

Comments/Bugs/Ideas: moc.liamg|sc.rehctub#moc.liamg|sc.rehctub

Additional info

This Map is a full Remake from sc_complex1(by butcher) uploaded to SvenCoopCentral.com (date: February 10, 2008)

Additional credits

Music from Resident Evil 2 & 3

Speacial Thanks to

CubicVirtuoso for Excellent Feedback


01/06/2012 - Version 2

- Improved: Sound Quality.
- Reduced: Size of the Music.
- Fixed: Some textures of steps.
- Enabled: Respawn of some items.
- Reduced: Volume of noise sounds.
- Changed: Helpful Sprays.
- Added: Extra Help for alert players.
- Fixed: Ammo entity (didnt appear).
- Fixed: Stop music, before you get into the room.
- Changed: Place of detotation, so player dont get into pieces.
- Changed: Block texture, so player can see the numbers.
- Changed: Color of some flare, for orientation.
- Fixed: Textures in general.
- Added: More help for Player.
- Added: Signs to the Entrance of X place.
- Increased: Health of Headcrab & Houndeye at 100%.
- Disperse some items at the final.
- Changed: Place of the Sprays, so player can get easy to the exit.
- Removed: Laser, and disperse the others.
- Added: Rats.
- Fixed: Rats triggering all.
- Improved: More brightness to the flares.
- Added: More flares on the X path.
- Added: ARGrenades.
- Added: More Handgrenades.
- Added: Ammo Boxes.
- Fixed: Textures of the floor.

01/19/2012 - Version 3

- Decreased: Damage of traps.
- Decreased: Health of some Monsters.
- Increased: Health of others.
- Reduced: Volume of Music and Sounds.
- Deleted: Handgun.
- Added: Desert Eagle.
- Added: More Guns.
- Changed: Place of some weapons.
- Added: New meeting point.
- Added: New guns bonus
- Added: Help to find the Secrets.
- Added: Grass all over the map to lead the player at start.

01/26/2012 - Version 4

- Fixed: 2nds Spawns.
- Added: More monsters.
- Changed: Place of some others.
- Added: Batterys.
- Added: Lots of guns at crawl Maze.
- Fixed: Items that didnt apear.
- Added: New colors to the flares.
- Improved: Final is shorter.

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