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Author Rugal
Date of release Final - December 23, 2003
.bsp filename rampage


You and your team are working as part of the disaster response team in this strange unusual facility. Those damn scientists screwed up yet again, and now there are aliens around every corner, it is your job to fix this mess before it gets to much out of hand. There are also some black ops that were sent in to kill you and your team.

Primary Goal: Reach the coolant exchange facility.

Secondary Goal: take out anything and everything that gets in your way.


  • Be sure to check around for secrets and extra equipment.
  • Don't kill friendlies, as they will help you a lot, and contain information.
  • Also be sure to take advantage of any security guards that you may run into. They will be equipped with sniper rifles, mp5s, and pistols.

Additional info

  • Map was previously included in Sven Co-op 3.0 and was removed at the request of the author.

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2009 co-oprequired fun music puzzle size:large

hl 2011-08-15 05-16-42-14.jpg

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2011 horde losable war


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2003 2008 co-oprequired official official-screlease rcbot size:large svencoop4 svencoop5


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2010 co-oprequired defense difficulty:hard jumping losable official official-screlease rcbot size:small svencoop4


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2004 defense losable needs-dl needs-info

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