Ragemap 3

Ragemap 3

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Author Keen, Tuesday's Avenger, the-middleman, Streamfox, Zode, Zadeon
Date of release Public Beta - August 2, 2015
.bsp filename ragemap3_1_beta, ragemap3_2_beta


Ragemap 3 is a community map made up of different sections following the format of previous ragemaps with the exception that mappers are allowed to edit other sections. NPCs, Secrets, Puzzles & more!

Collect 3 keycards to open the main door! Collect all 5 for a secret reveal!

Use explosives to more forward, and defeat the 8 rounds of zombies to reach the boss monster! Lot's of grinding

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There are over 1124 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


4.4 / 5

2010 boss fun size:medium walkthrough


0 / 5

2003 difficulty:medium missing_maps rcbot size:medium walkthrough


2.7 / 5

2014 conversion pvp


3.4 / 5

2011 difficulty:easy fun size:small troll walkthrough


4 / 5

2016 co-oprequired defense difficulty:hard size:large

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