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Author Hezus
Date of release v1 - December 25, 2012 (SC 4.7)
.bsp filename quarter


Black Mesa Incident + 72 hours

The US Military found out we are storing some of the last remaining Xen Artifacts in Sector J. With them we could reopen the portal to Xen and escape our fate or elimination, for the government wants us dead.

There is no other choice. We have to defend our facility against the incoming soldiers. We have gathered up former Black Mesa security forces and a few army deserters who refused to kill civilians. Together we must make a stand.

Objective: Hold back the invading military force.

There are 4 areas you will need to defend:
- The Front Door Security panel in Area 1.
- The Subway Train in Area 2.
- The Main Computer in Area 3.
- The Xen Arifacts in Area 4.

Each wave of enemies will feature a boss. Killing him will end the current wave of enemies and spawn a tougher wave. Defeat all 3 bosses and the enemy forces will crumble.

Additional info

I started making this map in 2005 as an official map for Sven Co-op. I pretty much finished it within a few weeks but the code to make the map work was never finished. 7 years later I decided to use a work-around to fix the gameplay issue and retexture and redesign the map and release it to the public. I hope you like it.

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