Quake 2 Custom Deathmatch Maps

Quake 2 Custom Deathmatch Maps

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Author*:OldLegendPro:([HLO]Dr.Hunter)* Mapper: Victor-933
**Date of release VERSION AND DATE. Example: Final - March 16, 2017
Map Pack (file 4)


Everbody know Quake 2 game. We came to this time and now it is my mind to plan something like this. Nero0 Created Quake 2 weapons + items, and [HLO]Dr.Hunter added
Quake2. gmr - gsr and res, and maked deathmatch options into map.

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Deathmatch Map.

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1.0 Version Final

There are over 1001 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:

hl 2010-06-16 12-37-37-25.jpg

2010 co-oprequired difficulty:medium needs-dl size:medium


2004 needs-pics


2000 arena needs-dl official official-screlease


2007 2008 boms co-oprequired official official-screlease snow svencoop4 walkthrough


2003 fun maze size:small

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