CTF City

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Author giselachar20
Date of release v1.0 - November 17, 2018
.bsp filename ctf_city


18/11/2018: Only server owners: Re download the map!. Bug fixes: -Restart not working.

------PvP City ------

A new PVP, based in Team Fortress Classic. --Capture The Flag---

Quoting: "CTF CITY is a player-versus-player (PvP) map in which two megacorporations (the Red and Blue teams) send agents to capture each other's flags while defending their own bases. The first team to reach 5 captures is victorious.

Players may choose from seven distinct classes, each with unique active or passive abilities."

It has all you love from warforts and has the best of TFC.


-Warfort style map.
-Original tfc textures and flags.
-CTF mode.

  • Team-based competitive play
  • 7 player classes with unique abilities
  • Automatic team balance
  • Automatic skip option if only one player is on the server

Coming soon:

-Original TFC weapons.
-More pvp modes.

Additional info


Additional credits


-based on old TFC project from Hezus.
-Used warforts plugin.



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