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Author Puchi
Date of release Final - February 28, 2005
.bsp filename puchi


This is a map about a facility that shrinks creatures and humans against their will. You must find and defeat the Mega Monster Boss who's controlling all of them.

Additional info

Known errors that are unfixable

  • You still have to blow up the sentries because their trigger target and trigger condition doesn't work.
  • A Babygarg might not attack you.

Other stuff you should know

  • You will die a lot.
  • The security keycard spawns at a random place, as there are 5 possible card spawns.
  • In the dark room with the Black Ops is a switch for the lights, on the left side of the door. It can be used from the outside.
  • stuff you should not do
  • Going through the door in the room with the Osprey
  • Please think of the others and don't run the train all the time, it will lag.
  • Killing the Black Ops at the Osprey before the text is finished.
  • Opening the box with "Living Small Gargantua" written on it after you go through the Sentries
  • DON'T SHOOT THE SENTRIES OR GO THROUGH THE RED FORCEFIELD - It will just make it harder on you.

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