Psychic Agog

Psychic Agog

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Author RNG
Date of release Beta 1 - February 9, 2009
.bsp filename psychic_agog_beta



Mars orbit

You are some boring scientist team which got a signal from a weird spacestation.
Well the spacestation sucked your ship inside it and you appear on some mysterious surreal place.
It is now your mission to investigate the place and kill he who is responsible for that spacestation.

You must gather your thoughts to solve the Psy Agog I.

Additional info

  • Some cutscenes include playing sounds which may crash ppl randomly because of FMODEX bugging, but otherwise the cutscenes would suck. Solution is reconnect or use Direct3D mode or some others
  • The last place (hint: long room) doesnt have camera so wait on others to be there
  • This is a puzzlemap
  • 1/3 of the map is originally from Prisonriot Erosion 2
  • Pink/Violet sparkling walls are Forcefields.

Additional credits

Poka - (beta tester)
Keen - (beta tester)
Deus - (beta tester)
Turrican - (beta tester)
Colt Commando[Fin] - (beta tester)
Kain - (beta tester)
Soctom - (beta tester)



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