Psy Agog Genetik Axon

Psy Agog Genetik Axon

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Author RNG
Date of release Not yet released
.bsp filename psy_agog, psy_agog2, other parts TBD


After Kyper Kuutio was used to shut the portal to Deimos that was ridden by scientific catastrophe, a mystical satellite appears at the orbit of Mars.
This satellite was dimensionally distorted and caused Mars orbit to turn into a anomalous field unexplainable to science, you manage to enter the "satellite" but it was no longer such.

Soon you find you never even were in that spot. Kind of like bad Deja vu, you find yourself in very familiar place. No idea or rememberance, just a feeling that youre once again in odd survival while it strangely causes you pleasure sametime. This "pleasure" distorts you with rapid loss of logic thinking and personality. The Deja vu is so bad that it makes your old wounds bleed again.

Eyes turn grey from the first sight, there was no satellite you remember and half-mind is suddenly in shatters. It is time to find the lost sense and rememberance, for what you also seem to have amnesia while the regret is huge from stepping in huge "entity".

Additional info

This is a complete remake of Psychic Agog map, not a sequel or anything.

Additional credits

Cocyx - Additional songs



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