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Author Trempler
Date of release Final - January 8, 2011
.bsp filename sc_propanic_part1


  1. Find a Way to escape.
  2. Build up the turrets and open the gate.
  3. Run into the base and find some weapons.
  4. Find the scientist and escort him to the surface (ALL PEOPLE NEEDED).

Additional info

Additional credits

Big Thx for Intro sound remix to Silencer.
Ufo model by ~X~ thx !
Heart of Evil Napalm Edition: Editor321 and rest of the Team. Thx !
AoMDC: Rumpel and rest of the Team :) Thx !
Paranoia: Buzzer and rest of the Paranoia Team. Thx !
And to Aaron the Killa for some stuff of the Terminal Mappack.

I Hope i havent forgot someone plz remind me than :)


There are over 1125 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:

svencoop 2017-03-10 09-20-15-24.jpg

1.3 / 5

2017 conversion rats survival walkthrough


4.5 / 5

2007 boss horde size:small


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2005 fun music puzzle size:large water


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2001 size:small walkthrough


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2002 needs-dl needs-pics walkthrough

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