Project Orion

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Author Icewolf (original), CubicVirtuoso (ripent conversion)
Date of release Final - May 16, 2008
.bsp filename project_orion1, project_orion2


Co-operative version of the single-player mission Project Orion.

Project Orion is a two map series based on the "new" Black Mesa. Orion was the facility created after the Black Mesa cascade three years later. You start out in a closet hiding from monsters and you have to make it out with your team.

Additional info

  • The original single-player version of Project Orion by Icewolf, released in January 2004, can be found here at PlanetPhillip.

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes you spawn outside the door at the very beginning.
  • For some reason the end fade doesn't last longer than a few seconds even though the duration is over 100.
  • There might be an invincible grunt after a cutscreen you can only kill him with AR grenades.
  • It's rare, but its happened. Sometimes the scientist doesn't trigger the door, unfortunately the only fix is to restart the map.

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