Postal X





Postal X

Author Fortune
Date of release 12 March 2003
.bsp filename postalx


Map Type: Walkthrough

The Story
We know you can do this…

Have you ever heard of the Program called
Postal? Called this after its creator, who
had worked for a Postal Company Died. Able
to unlock any codes set up any computerized
software in the world, its one tricky device…

And now its fallen into the wronge hands.
It was being sent over by boat, so the UN
could review such a force as Postal. About
two hours after it set sail, the ship was

We belive the Disk and the last living
creator of the disk have been taking to
a remote base 20 miles inland of GreenLand.
You must get the disk back.
----— --——
Your Mission…

  • First, enter the HQ and bypass any of the


  • Pictures of the base show the system was

shut down by the cold, many of the doors
will be sealed off. If their locked, work
around it.

  • A Chopper has been seen landing on the

base. We belive they are planning to sell
the disk, you must stop this.

Additional info

Postal - Kill Kill Kill
By Fortune (moc.onuj|88frb#moc.onuj|88frb)
A.K.A. Ben Finn


But all Map files in your maps folder,
such as .cfg's .res's .bsp
But all sound files into your sound/ambience Folder
And put the IceStorm.wad into the normal SvenCoop folder.

Additional credits

Thanks to…

PrefabLand and those I forgot.

Dave J for help he dosn't know hes given.

SvenCoop, for their mod.

And all my friends for Testing it




2003 co-oprequired size:medium walkthrough

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