Poke646 / Poke646: Vendetta Co-op

Poke646 / Poke646: Vendetta Co-op

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Author Mindmotor Studios, Zorbos
Date of release 1.0b - September 17, 2016
1.1b - September 20, 2016
1.2b - September 22, 2016
1.3 - April 15, 2017
.bsp filename pv_*, po_*, poke646_lobby


One of the greatest Single Player experiences the Half-Life modding community has to offer, now available for Sven Co-op!
You play as Damien Reeves, a low level technician employed by Poke646, a corporation founded after the Black Mesa Research Facility was shut down.


  • Support for both the original Poke646 mod and it's sequel, Poke646: Vendetta. All maps have coop support, including the Hazard Course!
  • Includes a Lobby map, for easy selection of specific chapters or even random chapters. Great for server map rotations!
  • Includes 10 unique player models based on characters in the mod
  • Scripted weapons which mimic their original mod counterparts. Includes custom HUD icons, ammo icons, and crosshairs!
  • Supports Survival Mode.
  • Supports Player Count weapon balancing. As more players join, weapons are scaled down to compensate, and vice versa
  • Supports Cross Map Inventory. Weapons and ammo are carried across level changes
  • Supports w00tguy's Anti Rush Plugin

Other Info

Player models are enforced in this conversion.
If you wish to disable this for any reason, open up a map CFG file and remove the forcepmodels entry

NOTE: You need to do this for every map you wish to disable pmodel restrictions on.


  • Original mods by Marc Schröder and Mindmotor Studios
  • Map ripents by Zorbos
  • AngelScript programming by Zorbos, with some scripts being edits of default Sven Co-op scripts. Those scripts are credited to their respective authors.
  • Lobby map by Zorbos
  • Player models are based on several default Sven Co-op player models, which are credited to the Sven Co-op Team and Valve Software. Edits and menu portraits by Zorbos
  • po_c4m5 Anti-Troll script based off of w00tguy's HLSP hl_c11_a3 Anti-Troll Script
  • Survival checkpoint model (+animations) by Zorbos


Version 1.3


  • Removed Survival Mode scripts. Survival Mode is now off by default since the features are now integrated into the game.
  • Updated all weapon scripts to work with the SC 5.11 AngelScript API
  • Cleaned up most of the weapon script code to prevent possible bugs


  • Fixed the IUIC terminal on po_c4m2 so that it can only be used once

Version 1.2b


  • Fixed players being able to block the elevator on the lobby map


  • Fixed even more crashes related to models.
  • Fixed players being able to break the glass to the xen exhibit on po_c0m3

Version 1.1b

Both Campaigns:

  • Removed all references to 'relay_limitammo' as they are now made redunant by the main map script
  • Removed all info_landmarks to stop the engine from spitting out errors
  • Fixed crashing related to custom hgrunt and scientist models. New models have been used in their place which are just reskins of the already existing hgrunt and scientist models. Also updated RES files to reflect these new file paths
  • Added several missing entries to various RES files
  • Removed a redundant variable assignment in the Bow Rifle's zoom function


  • Fixed the Nailgun playing its third person reload animation if the player tries to reload at full magazine capacity
  • Edited po_intro so that Damien's pain noise always plays when the spool lands on his head

Poke646: Vendetta:

  • Fixed the PAR-21 playing its third person reload animation if the player tries to reload at full magazine capacity

There are over 1125 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


1.3 / 5

2016 crazy difficulty:medium fun needs-dl non-linear random size:large weird


3 / 5

2001 rcbot walkthrough


3.6 / 5

2002 2003 creepsworld-top50 official official-screlease rcbot size:medium walkthrough


0 / 5

2007 fun secrets size:small


0 / 5

2008 fun race

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