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Author Skacky
Date of release Final - December 24, 2008 (SC 4.0B)
v1 - April 9, 2007
.bsp filename sc_persia


24 hours ago, we received a transmission from an Arabic TV channel. Terrorists said that they have a huge fire power and they will attack a great city in the next 48 hours. A squad has been sent to the presumed place of the terrorist's HQ, but we have lost communications for 2 hours. Spies said that the squad managed to place explosives on the great fire power, and told us that this power is a huge mecha with 2 turrets, 2 miniguns and an anti-air missile battery. The explosives are quite dangerous, so the terrorists didn't defuse it.

You were sent with your team for make a big boom and destroy this damn war machine. Remember, if you fail, a great city will be destroyed!


  • Make your way through the streets, and reach the radiopost held by the terrorists.
  • Steal all the secret documents of the terrorist engineers to stop the creation of the weapons.
  • Open the door of the fortress's entrance.
  • Enter the fortress and make your way to the mecha.
  • Press the detonator and RUN !!

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