Peany World

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Author Keen
Date of release Beta - April 10, 2008
.bsp filename peanyworldbeta1-1, peanyworldbeta1-2


Keen asked Peany if he could make a official 'Peany's Cafe' server map. She said yes, and thus an epic work began. It simply started as a map with one objective: unlocking Peany's sign. Over time the project turned into a much more elaborate map series with multiple goals to be completed by players.

Players assist Keen, Peany, Turrican and Kain by helping them carry out various tasks, travelling through a grid/computer place, lots of snow-covered areas, Turrican's laboratory, ladder puzzles, and much, much more.

Additional info

Two players are required to play this map.

More maps in the series exist. There have been plans to convert the series into 'Sven Co-op World' instead of 'Peany World', although it is unknown if or when this will occur. The plot of 'Sven Co-op World' would focus on players assisting the developers of Sven Co-op in fighting a war.

Additional credits

JPolito - Bugfixing and troubleshooting
Turrican - Level design in some areas



There are over 988 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


2005 admin-room difficulty:medium fun maze size:small


2004 difficulty:easy fun needs-pics


2016 crazy difficulty:medium fun needs-mirrors non-linear random size:large weird


2015 co-oprequired difficulty:medium size:medium walkthrough work-in-progress


2012 2016 fun

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