Peaces Like Us

Peaces Like Us

Author Original author: Koumei Satou. Conversion: kmkz
Original mod release July 4, 2007
Date of the conversion release February 23, 2020
Last update February 29, 2020
.bsp filename hlplu*, hlplu1, hlplut1


This is a conversion of "Half-life: Peaces like us" to Sven Co-op made with ripent tools. Tried to remain accurate to the original mod but with needed modifications to support coop gameplay.

Story: Mankind found an entrance to XEN world and an investigation team met with the uncanny aliens in there world. Then, mankind succeeded in becoming allies with them. Later, a scientist team built a joint laboratory in the world of XEN. But, something bad was approaching…

Current version: v1.1

Additional info

The first map is hlplu1. The tutorial map is included, is hlplut1.

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2020 conversion size:large walkthrough xen

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