Outpost 3

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Author DaKing
Date of release sc_outpost 3-1 - January 11, 2004
sc_outpost 3 - September 3, 2003
.bsp filename sc_outpost3-1


This map features a very open-ended layout, in which the players are able to complete their objectives in any order they want, and approach it from any side they want.


Howdy soldier sir.

Current Location:
A mercinary camp close to Black Mesa research facility.

Infiltrate the mercinary camp and try to find out what the heck they are doing
in there, by hack there computer.
Destroy the antiair gun so we will be able to make an airstrike.
Also try to destroy the tank in the garage , ure escape route will be
the sewer way.

Good luck.
Over And Out!!!


  • Disable the anti air gun.
  • Destroy the Tank.
  • Hack the computer and steal information.
  • Escape throug the sewer.

Additional info

Node graph generation on this map takes a while. If the map appears to freeze after loading just wait.


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