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Author Mr. Me
Date of release v1.0 - November 14, 2004
.bsp filename sc_opd


The map is set in a desert city occupied by enemy grunts. Your goal is to locate and defend the osprey crash site by any means necessary.

One of our ospreys has crashed in enemy territory. We have lost all contact with the crew and are not sure if there are any survivors left. The city is heavily defended and time is critical. We have sent two ospreys to the area to quickly locate the crashed osprey and check for survivors. A number of APC's are on their way to help out the rescue team.

Mission Objectives:

  • Make your way to the crash-site
  • Locate any survivors
  • Wait for extraction

The enemy will be armed with a variety of weapons. Intelligence tells us that these weapons include assault rifles, shotguns and handguns. Reliable sources tell us that there will be snipers around the city; don’t underestimate them. Furthermore, there are some unconfirmed rumors that the enemy is armed with flamethrowers. Keep your eyes open to find more weapons and ammo.

Additional info

Additional credits

Blazeeer (http://blaz.csbanana.com) - (textures)
Counter-Strike - (textures)
Day of Defeat - (textures)

Special thanks to:
u|tr4 n00b
Angry Beaver




2004 boms rescue size:medium walkthrough war

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